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Proximate Analyzer

ADVANCE APA Series Fully Automatic Proximate Analyzer is based on Thermogravimetry principle for measuring Air - Dry basis Moisture, Ash, Volatile Matter & Calorific Value in Coal. Each furnace in the instrument is integrated with a high precision electronic balance. Using Thermogravimetry principle, the system quickly, automatically and continuously tests 19 samples in every experiment.

The Air-Dry basis Moisture and Ash can be tested in around 150 minutes, while Volatile Matter takes around 7 minutes per sample. The system can thereafter automatically calculate the Calorific Value, Fixed Carbon and Hydrogen content of the sample.
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Key Features

  • The Automatic Proximate Analyzer is programmed to perform complete and automatic analysis of Air Dry Basis Moisture, Ash & Volatile Constituent in Coal
  • Latest design allows measurement up to 19 samples in every batch
  • Additional furnaces can be connected for increased workload to measures 38 or more samples. All the additional furnaces are programmed to be controlled by a single computer
  • Both oxidizing and inert atmospheres can be maintained as per ASTM guidelines. Provision shall be made to introduce a sweep gas or a reactant gas, and to remove product of drying, de-volatilization or combustion.
  • The sample balance pedestal, crucible and the crucible covers are made of ceramic material as per ASTM guidelines. The crucible and the turn table is capable of withstanding high-temperatures and different furnace atmospheres and is not susceptible to wrapping at high temperature.
  • The furnace is programmed to have maximum temperature control up to 1000°C The furnace cover of the analyser is supported by two shafts for better stability and support.
  • Instrument has two thermocouples which includes one thermocouple for over - temperature protection for safety and the other one to measure and record temperature near the test crucible.
  • The versatile and powerful software allows the instrument to store minimum 7 programmes for Moisture, Volatile Matter and Ash determination at temperature programmed by the user depending on the nature of sample.
  • Powerful software ensures easy and accurate determination of all the set parameters
  • Advanced dust suction and exhaust system fitted to remove the exhaust gases generated during the experiment
  • High Precision Temperature Controller ensure Controlled, Precise and Quick Temperature rise
  • The system can also calculate the the Calorific Value, Fixed Carbon and Hydrogen in the samples based on the values of the parameters obtained
  • The instrument is configured with a built-in high Precision Electronic Scale to ensure precise and accurate weighing of the samples
  • Latest software features Automatic Data Collection, Tabulation and Printing of all test results
  • The instruments allows Complete Window Support
  • The software which controls the operation of the TGA has inbuilt programable memory for storage of data and analytical methods along with several other powerful and user friendly features
  • Automatic microprocessor based Thermogravimetric Analyser
  • ASTM D-7582-15 & D-7348.

Technical Specifications*


APA( Earlier it was APA-1 & APA-2)

Furnace Type


Furnace Temperature (Max)


Weight of sample

up to 5 gms

Samples per Furnace

19 samples per furnace + 1 Reference  per furnace

Gas Required

depends on application: oxygen 99.9 % pure  and,or nitrogen 99.9 % pure and air 99.5 %

Testing Time

19 sample in 150 minutes (moisture ash) 7 minute a sample (volatile matter)

Temperature Controlling Precision 

± 1ºC / ± 2ºC

Weighing Balance Accuracy

0.0001gm (Built-in)

Power Supply

230V, 50Hz




520mm X 500mm X 600mm (Ash & Moisture Furnace)


65kg (Ash & Moisture Furnace)

Note: Due to process of continuous improvements, specifications are subject to change without prior notice


  • Corundum Crucible with Cover
  • Controlling Cards
  • Weighing Shaft for Balance
  • Lift Motor
  • Carousel Motor
  • High Precision Thermocouple
  • Heater Set
  • Weighing Balance 0.0001g
  • Fuse

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