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Infrared Moisture Balance

Advance Infrared Moisture Balance is a very reliable and sturdy instrument for an accurate determination of the moisture contents of materials which do not undergo chemical change when exposed to infrared radiation, Since drying and weighing of the samples is done simultaneously. The instrument is specially useful for substances which quickly reabsorb moisture after drying. Observations can be taken quickly and the results obtained are accurate. The instrument has been profitable utilized for a reliable determination of moisture contents of agricultural soils, foods, chemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, construction soils and other similar materials.

The instrument consists of a 250 watt infrared lamp, a sensitive torsion balance and a temperature control all housed in a compact cabinet made of aluminium, having robust design, the infrared radiation from the lamp is used for heating the sample. The temperature is controlled by the Solid State control in standard Model & Auto Transformer in Delux Model. The Sensitive torsion balance used magnetic damping to damp the vibrations of the pan.
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The instrument is directly calibrated in percentage of moisture between0% & 100%. The Model 'A' uses approximately 5 gms. Of the material, Model 'B' uses approximately 10 gms. Material and Model 'C' uses approximately 25 gms. Of test materials. Modification of Model A to B or C or vice versa is also possible. The aluminium pans are cheap and are disposable, This helps avoid loss of time which otherwise would be spent each time to clean the pans after the experiment is done. Temperature Control can be achieved using either a Digital Temperature Controller or Variac or Solid State Dimmer. The features of the Digital Temperature Controller include soft start feature and gradual heating to avoid charring the test sample. A built-in timer switches On when the desired temperature is achieved to maintain it till the time set by the user. A audible alarm is also provided to inform the user about the end of experiment. This avoids the constant presence of the user near the instrument.

Alternately a rotating 2 Ampere Variac can also be used to maintain the temperature.

Key Features

  • Choice of three models as per test sample
  • 250 Watts Infrared Lamp
  • Fully Automatic Temperature Control with Timer
  • Alternate Choice of Variac or Dimmer
  • Direct Moisture Reading
  • Rugged and Durable
  • Easy to use and maintain

Technical Specifications*


M3A, M3B, M3C

Acceptable Sample

5 gms, 10 gms or 25 gms

Scale Range

0- 100%




250 Watts IR Lamp

Temperature Control

Digital Temperature Controller with Timer

Variac or Solid State Dimmer

Temperature Control Accuracy



230V, 50Hz


  • Disposable Pans
  • Sample Pan
  • Retainer Pan
  • Torsion Wire
  • Heating Lamps

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