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About Us

ADVANCE RESEARCH INSTRUMENTS company is engaged in the Research, Development and Manufacture of Precision Analytical instruments in India. Established in 1970 we sought to bring high technology international standard Analytical instruments to the Indian market and bridge the gap between exhorbitantly priced imported brands and the actual user at the grass roots level who with their limited budget could not afford such extravagantly priced instruments. Even if managed to purchase, they could never get the required immediate and effective after sales service and technical backup.

Owing to our steadfast commitments to quality we in the last forty five years have achieved total market supremacy and the entire Advance range of instruments are known in the market for their Quality, Precision and Reliability. We do not believe in just selling the instruments but providing the customers with the complete solution to his requirement along with immediate and effective after sales support and technical backup. With our Extensive dealer / distributor network of over 60 dealers throughout India to provide the after sales support to our customers we have firmly established ourselves in the Indian market.

We are supplying to all major Research and Development Laboratories, Indian standards Department, Pharmaceutical Companies, Cosmetics Industry, Defense Laboratories, Thermal Power Station, Iron and Steel Plants, Sugar and Flour Mills, Dairies, etc.

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