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Ash Fusion Analyzer-AFT

Advance Ash Fusion Tester is used for checking the Fusion Temperature of Coal and Coke Ash. The behaviour of the coal's ash residue at high temperature is a critical factor in selecting coal for boilers and furnaces. The design of most furnaces and boilers takes in to account the characteristics of the ash generated and whether it will remain in solid form or be fluid to some degree. The Ash Fusion Temperature used to analyze coal ash is suitable for the furnace in which it or will become fluid at some temperature.

This test performs the actual Melting / Fusion of the Ash Cone under controlled conditions and checks the corresponding Deformation Temperature of the sample Coal Ash. The instrument complies with the ASTM standard to check the temperatures of four separate transitional states of the Ash Cone between dry and fluid conditions that will occur because of the heating. The Auto Image Recognition feature in the higher versions enables Auto detection of the various deformation temperatures.
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Key Features

The instrument features an automatic temperature recording along with images of the Ash Cone using a high Resolution CCD camera. The camera collects and records the images of the Ash Cone as it deforms with increase in furnace temperature. A maximum of 3/5 tests can be carried out in one experiment. A rugged High Temperature Heater used with high grade thermal insulating blocks ensure a long life of the heater element even after continuous and repeated use at temperatures up-to 1520/1620 deg C.

  • Automatic Image Recognition (AFT-2) Software for analysis of Ash Cones
  • Automatic determination of (AFT-2) IT, DT, HT and FT of Ash Cones
  • A highly sensitive and accurate controlling card controls the operation of the instrument and has advanced features like cold-junction compensation, temperature overshoot protection etc.
  • The instrument can be programmed to take images of the Ash Cone at predetermined intervals of time or temperature
  • The graph can be saved for future analysis.
  • The results of ash graph can be printed out and the temperature rising curve can be displayed on the screen.
  • A PCI Card fitted inside the instrument ensures seamless integration of the system with the computer.
  • The software is designed to completely support Windows system.

Technical Specifications*


AFT-1 (6401)

AFT-2 (6400)

Furnace Temperature Range

50-1520 deg C

50-1620 deg C

Temperature Controlling Accuracy

2-5 deg C

2-5 deg C


1 deg C

1 deg C

Sample Quantity

3 samples in each batch

5 samples in each batch


ASTM 1857-04

ASTM 1857-04

Furnace environment

Oxidizing or Weak Reducing

Oxidizing or Weak Reducing

Image capture

High Resolution CCD camera with filter

High Resolution CCD camera with filter

Image Recognition



Cabinet Dimension

400mm X 550mm X 600mm

450mm X 600mm X 650mm


65 Kgs

70 Kgs

Note: Due to process of continuous improvements, specifications are subject to change without prior notice


  • Ash Cone Tray
  • Ash Boat
  • Combustion Tube
  • Heating Assembly
  • Heating Clamps
  • Thermocouple
  • Graphite Pack
  • Camera Set Complete
  • Camera Filters
  • Camera Power Adapter
  • Heat Filter
  • Standard Coal /Ash Sample 

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