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Automatic Microcontroller Based Bomb Calorimeter

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Advance introduces its latest in isothermal Bomb Calorimeter series that provides a unique integrated platform Design. The new integrated feature all the parts and components that were earlier required to be assembled every time an experiment was to be performed.

Key Features

  • Latest Integrated Platform for Bomb Calorimeter
  • Large LCD Display
  • No Requirement to assemble individual Part's
  • Temperature Resolution 0.01/0.001 C
  • Integrated Stirrer
  • Step by Step Experiment Guidance
  • Auto-correction of ignition wire
  • Memory Function Available
  • Optional Chiller Available
  • Display of Error Message
  • Compact Design


Technical Specifications*



Operating Principal


Temperature Resolution

0.001/0.01 C

Operating Time per experiment

10-12 Minutes (Main Testing Period)

Jacket Type

Fixed, Electroplated Copper

Vessel Type

Fixed, Electroplated Copper

Oxygen Filling

Semi-Automatic Assembly to fill Oxygen

Printer Connectivity


Computer Connectivity


Note: Due to the process of continuous improvements, specifications are subject to change without prior notice


  • Combustion Bomb (Standard)
  • Combustion Bomb (Halogen Resistant)
  • Crucible (Stainless Steel)
  • Crucible (Quartz)
  • Crucible (Platinum)
  • Ignition Wire - Standard (100 pc pack)
  • Ignition Wire (Platinum)
  • Electrode Set
  • Schrader Valve / Pin Valve
  • Main Gas Filling Valve Assembly
  • Auto Gas Filling Adaptor with Pressure Gauge
  • Gas Release Device
  • Cotton Thread
  • Gasket Ring for Combustion Bomb
  • Gasket Ring Set for Adaptor
  • Standard Benzoic Acid Pellets
  • Standard Coal Sample
  • Gas Regulator
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Fuse

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