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Isothermal Bomb Caloriemeter BCM-D

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Key Features

  • Each batch of material used for Advance Calorimeter Bomb is put through a series of physical and chemical tests to verify the prescribed standards for fabrication of a high pressure vessel. This ensures the highest standards of customer safety.
  • The Bomb Body and Lid are machined from corrosion resistant Stainless Steel namely Austenitic Steel satisfying the special ringing and bend tests for inter-crystalline corrosion and having good high temperature properties. The interior of the Bomb has been maintained cylindrical throughout its length. The metal seal between the body and the lid is backed by a sealing ring. The Closure Ring is made of Aluminium Bronze or Stainless Steel and hand tightening of the Closure Ring is sufficient to ensure perfect gas tight sealing at a pressure of 300 kg/cm2.
  • The user has a choice of either the standard Schrader Valve based Combustion Bomb or our latest design of Schrader Valve less Combustion Bomb design. This is additionally provided with a Automatic Gas Filling Adaptor which simplifies the Oxygen filling procedure. The valve opens and allows filling of Bomb with Oxygen because of Oxygen pressure for cylinder. It closes when pressure from Oxygen Cylinder is cut off./font>
  • Extremely Easy to use Push Fit Type Gas Filling System for fast and accurate filling of Oxygen
  • Each Combustion Bomb is individually tested at a pressure of 300 kg/cm2 for a period of 10 minutes for signs of any leakage as per IP guidelines
  • Calorimeter Jacket and Water Jacket fabricated from Chromium plated Copper as per International specifications
  • The introduction of a Safety Relief Valve in the Gas Filling Adaptor ensures additional user safety from accidental Oxygen overfill.
  • New Soft Control Fine Regulating Valve with built-in pressure gauge ensures fatigue free operation of the system
  • Latest Design Compact Stirrer to minimize external heating effect
  • The new High Accuracy Digital Temperature Indicator with built-in printer has an additional stabilizing circuit which ensuring that readings have high accuracy and repeatability
  • High Mechanical standards and easy controls
  • The instrument is Accurate, Reliable and User Friendly.

Technical Specifications



Operational Principle


Fundamental Standards

BIS-1350 (Part-2), IP-12/63T

Inner Vessel

Electroplated Copper

Outer Jacket

Electroplated Copper & Water Filled (Puff Optional)

Combustion Bomb Valve

Schrader Valve type

Bomb & Bucket


Oxygen Filling


O2 Filling Time

<3 Minutes

Pressure Regulator




Temperature Accuracy

0.01 deg C


0.05%-0.1% on Benzoic Acid


1000 to 12000 Cal/g

Temperature Display

Digital Temperature with Timer


Low Heat Generating, Compact 12V DC

Bomb Firing


Printer Facility (Temp Vs Time)

Not Available



Testing Time

10 Minutes (approx.)

Operating Temperature

15-30 deg C


30 Kg approx.

Power Input & Requirement

<0.8KW, 230V+10V, 50 Hz

Note: Due to process of continuous improvements, specifications are subject to change without prior notice

  • Combustion Bomb (Standard)
  • Combustion Bomb (Halogen Resistant)
  • Crucible (Stainless Steel)
  • Crucible (Quartz)
  • Crucible (Platinum)
  • Ignition Wire - Standard (100 pc pack)
  • Ignition Wire (Platinum)
  • Electrode Set
  • Schrader Valve
  • Sensor
  • Strirrer
  • Bomb Lid Stand
  • Connecting Lead
  • Main Gas Filling Valve Assembly.
  • Cotton Thread.
  • Gasket Ring for combustion Bomb.
  • Gasket Ring Set for Adaptor.
  • Standard Benzoic Acid Pellets.
  • Benzoic Acid Powder
  • Standard Coal Sample.
  • Fine Regulating Valve with Built in Pressure Gauge
  • Pressure Gauges.
  • S S Braided Ptfe Tube with Adaptor
  • Digital Temperature Indicator
  • Fuse

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