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Cross Belt Coal Analyzer

Elemental Online Analyser for Coal applications is designed on using the latest and revolutionary new technology of Pulsed Fast Thermal Neutron Activation (PFTNA). This Analyzer is able to measure across belt width of 1600mm. The system includes the widely used and highly reliable BGO detector and processing electronics for Real Time Analysis of the material flowing on the Conveyor Belt. The system feature an unique Automatic Radiation Protection System and is equipped with Radiation Shielding fence. The CNA system offers an unique and enhanced protection against ionising radiation when generator is ON.

Unlike PGNAA system which are designed using Cf252 isotopes, there is no need for shielding when generator is switched OFF. As a result, at a given distance from the CNA3, radiation is Zero when compared to Cf252 based systems. An ARPS (Automatic Radiation Protection System) fence is placed around a 1.0m radius of the CNA3 to ensure total safety during analyser ON condition during its operation. Neutron Emitting Module is electrically controlled and operated. This working principle called the PFTNA technique ensures 100% safety with ZERO radiation hazards when the system is powered OFF.
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Key Features

There are no issues degradation of performance with time or the half life decay and subsequent intensity drop in PGNAA based systems. The Neutron Generator is able to maintain a constant neutron flux throughout its life. Also the Neutron Source life directly dependent on usage and belt running unlike Cf252 based systems that need replacement of the Neutron Source after a fixed period irrespective of the usage of the source.

  • The Instrument offers Full Proximate and Ultimate analysis of Coal and other Raw materials
  • There is no requirement need for sampling or any external lab inputs
  • The PFTNA based Online Analyzer does not require local site samples for calibration
  • This instrument stands out from PGNAA based systems as no radioactive isotopes viz. Cf252 or Cs137 are used
  • It is completely environment friendly
  • The Coal Analyzer is Green Technology based with no radioactive nuclear waste or debris
  • The system is 100% safe and free from any sort of radiation hazard when switched off
  • Unlike CF252 based systems, this instrument offers in-house Neutron source, hence we are able to give 100% guarantee for life time supply and availability of Neutrons
  • There is no hassle of disposal post expiry of the Neutron Source unlike in case of Cf252 where after the half life period, the spent source needs to be stored and disposed carefully to avoid Nuclear contamination
  • Another unique feature of this instrument is that it does not require periodic / quarterly re-calibrations to compensate for source decay
  • Compared to Cf252 or other radio isotope based analyzers, CAN3 Coal Analyzer is highly robust and immune to belt load variations. It also has a very stable analytical performance
  • Belt overload from 50% to 200% is allowed.
  • The new unique easy to install Open Top box-under-belt design allows easy pull out and reinstalling of Neutron Source
  • There is no restriction on material bed height on the conveyor.
  • The instrument allows Real Time measurement of H, C, N, O etc
  • The instrument offers full in-factory pre-calibration with onsite verification and Acceptance Test Certificate and validation

Technical Specifications*



Pulsed fast and thermal neutron activation analysis


Electrical neutron generator(on/off)

Quantified element

Application specific




Non-material specific
Unaffected by varying belt loading
Stable analytical performance (SAP) system



From -35°C (-31o F) to 50oC(122oF)


Non Condensing for Electronic


Conveyor width

No Limit by analyzers

Material top Size

No Limit by analyzers

Belt Speed

No Limit by analyzer

Belt Inclination

0-45° or more


Electrical Cabinet

H=800mm , W=600 mm, D=400 mm

Power requirement



7''Touch Screen

User Interface

CAN3 control software

CAN3 Data collector, trending application and basic pile building functions

Note: Due to process of continuous improvements, specifications are subject to change without prior notice


  • Neutron Generator
  • Housing
  • Data Control Panel
  • Electrical Control Panel
  • Reference Standards
  • Software

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