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Portable GCV Analyser

Portable GCV Analyser is used to analyze the composition of coal, as well as heating value according to the actual condition of the coal. It will display the ash content and gross calorific value. The instrument can be directly plugged in to Coal Pile in Station Wagon, Truck, or any other Coal transportation vehicle for 60 seconds and the measurement result can be instantly read out.

Working Principle The low energy γ photon anti-scattering method is adopted in the system to measure the ash & moisture content. The low energy γ photon mass attenuation coefficient is related to atomic number; when the γ photons inject into the coal sample, the strength & shape of γ which is reflected back is related to the ash content of coal. System will measure the ash & moisture content by the reflected signal; while the Gross Calorific Value will be calculated out by the microcomputer based on the Moisture and the Ash content.
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Key Features

The Instrument features microwave module to measure the moisture content and γ photon module to measure the ash content. The microwave will be emitted from the instrument while part of the microwave will be reflected back. The microwave which is reflected back is in proportion with moisture content or related with moisture/water content inside the coal; the microwave reflected back will be detected by sensor and then be transferred into electrical signal. The signal will be calculated by the microcomputer and finally get the moisture content of coal sample.

γ photon module which can emit low energy γ photon; the γ photon which is reflected back is in ratio with the ash content – when the ash content is higher, the strength is weaker and vice-versa. According to this principle, the microcomputer will calculate out the ash content according the signal got from sensors.

  • Portable system with real time inspection
  • Ash content and calorific value display simultaneously
  • Integration design, easy inspection
  • The special screw-in structure of the probe head made the instrument can be easily plugged into the coal pile
  • Calibration data could be stored and for any existing coal type, no need to calibrate it again
  • Wireless transmission (optional choice),
  • Can be connected with the computer
  • Save coal sample test cost for both the supplier and the purchaser
  • Decrease the coal loading and unloading time for both suppliers as well as consumers thus increasing the revenue

Technical Specifications*



Ash Content Accuracy


While ash content

≤ 20%, absolute error ≤ ±1%


20 % < ash content < 40, absolute error is 2.5%

While ash content

≤ 40%, absolute error ≤ ±4.0%

Test limit: ash content

≤ 5%

Water/Moisture Measurement Range

0.01%~15%, Accuracy: ±1.0%

Measuring period




Data saving

for calibration as well as result

Operation temperature



  • Internal Rechargeable Battery
  • Charger:- DC15V, 700mA

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