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Abbe Refractometer

Our New Abbe Refractometer Model R-4 with Improved Optics and Eye Piece is a reliable and accurate instrument designed for measuring Refractive Index and Dispersion of Liquids and also determining the Brix of aqueous solutions. This instrument has been specially designed with particular regard to its various applications in Pharmaceutical and Sugar Industry in addition to its suitability in Educational Institutions, Chemical Industries, Research and Test Laboratories etc. Accuracy, ease,and convenience of use along with low maintenance is the special feature of this Refractometer used for Scientific Analysis and Industrial Process Control.

The Refractometer method is an easy and quick method. It requires only few drops of the liquid to be tested to obtain a pin point accuracy of the Refractive Index measurements. The introduction of Water Jacketed Prism Box in this design enables the Refractometer to be connected to a Circulating Thermostat Bath for precise temperature control. For measuring the temperature in the Prism box a Thermometer is also provided. The Instrument employs a day light illuminating system requiring only natural day light. However artificial light can also be used and is recommended. The system incorporates a Compensator to compensate for dispersion of the medium under test. This enables Measurement of Refractive Index in White Light.
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Key Features

  • Determines Refractive Index and Dispersion of Solids & Liquids
  • Complete Operating Range for both Refractive Index and Brix
  • Seperate Eye-piece for reading the Scale & viewing the Demarcation Shadow
  • Completely sealed optics for operation in tropical regions and extreme operating conditions
  • Dual graduations of Refractive Index & Brix Percentage
  • Water Jacketed Prism Box which can be connected to Circulating Water Bath for temperature maintenance
  • Rotating Prism for Easy application of Test Samples
  • Optional Digital Thermometer for reading Prism Temperature
  • Sturdy Easy to use and maintain
  • High Accuracy, Latest Design, Easy to use Refractometer

Technical Specifications*



Measuring Range

nD 1.300 to 1.700

Measuring Range, Sugar

0 to 95%

Measuring Accuracy

nD 0.001 (direct reading) & 0.0001 (by estimation).

Measuring Accuracy, Sugar

1% by direct reading and 0.1% by estimation.


Translucent Glass with minimum division
nD 0.001 & Sugar 1%.

Digital Temperature Indicator


Temperature Range

10 deg C to +100 deg C


0.1 deg C


0.5 deg C, 1 digit

Output for Scale and Prism Illumination


Note: Due to process of continuous improvements, specifications are subject to change without prior notice


  • Calibrated Standard Glass Test Piece
  • Contact Liquid (5ml Bottle)
  • Measuring Prism Set
  • Illuminating Prism Set
  • Scale
  • Thermometer in Jacket
  • Digital Thermometer

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