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Digital Refractometer

The New Abbe Refractometer Model R8 is a covenient and handy measuring instrument to accurately measure Refractive Index and Brix. The Measuring Prism is rigid and the surface to take the substances to be measured is horizontal which prevents flowing down of the test liquid of the prism is one of the new features which no other indigenous make Abbe Refractometers provide. The Prism box is made of Stainless Steel and as such highly corrosive material can be tested without damaging the Prism Box. Focussing of the boundary line of total reflection is effected on the same field of view in which the reading is taken. Setting and Reading operation in the same-Eye-Piece makes the work of the operator easy and efficient. The graduated Arc Scale made of glass lies well protected inside of the instrument with all other Optics. The compact design of the basic equipment facilitated the construction of a casing which, while permitting full utilisation of its optical properties, afforded reliable and robust protection of all delicate parts against potential mechanical, thermal of chemical damage.
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Key Features

  • Abbe Refractometer Model R-8 Single Eye-piece for reading the Scale and to view the Demarcation Shadow
  • Highly coloured samples and plastic Substances are measured in reflected light is another one of the many new features introduced indigenously for the first time.
  • The instrument has completely sealed optics for operation in tropical regions and extreme operating conditions.
  • The Glass Scale has Dual graduations of Refractive Index & Brix.
  • The instrument allows measurement of Dispersion of liquids with conversion table.
  • The main advantage in design is the Horizontal Prism to prevent flowing down of test liquid and for customer convenience.
  • The Prism Box is Water Jacketed which can be connected to Circulating Thermostat for Temperature Maintenance thereby ensuring accurate readings
  • Easy placement of Compensator Knob is used to compensate for Dispersion in the Medium under test.
  • The new ultra compact lighting arrangement for Abbe Refractometer Model R - 8 eliminates the tedious process to arrange for an external light source to read the scale & view the demarcation shadow and is also provided with intensity adjuster to provide the best intensity.
  • The lighting arrangement unit consists of 3 basis parts: Prism Illuminator, Scale Illuminator and Digital temperature Indicator cum Intensity Controller

Technical Specifications

Abbe Refractrometer R-8 Deluxe with Compact Lighting System

Refractive Index Scale

1.3000 - 1.7100


0.001 (direct reading) & 0.0001( by estimation)

Sugar Scale

0-95% Accuracy : 0.5% (direct reading) & 0.1% (by estimation)

Note: Due to process of continuous improvements, specifications are subject to change without prior notice


  • Supplied complete with Compact Lighting System
  • Test Piece
  • Contact Liquid
  • Screw Driver
  • Brush
  • Dust cover in a wooden case

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