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Infrared Thermometer

ARICO Instruments offers its latest range of Automatic Thermal Imaging Systems for Real Time detection of high temperature using the latest in Thermal Imaging science. The offered thermal imaging system is a non-contact, large-area, accurate and efficient temperature measurement and screening device, specially designed for temperature screening of densely populated places. Based on the thermal imaging precise temperature measurement technology, the system offers Real Time detection and identification ofa person with abnormal temperature while simultaneously alerting both visually and with an audible alarm the supervising officers who can thereby quickly and effectively intervene and isolate the suspect who be infected or carrying the virus. This is the 1st and most important line of defence to prevent the suspected patient or carrier of virus epidemic from entering a factory, office, laboratory or public places.

This system finds wide application in airports, railway stations, bus stations, subway stations and other transportation hubs, along with factories, industrial plants, public areas and other similar areas where crowd gathering is expected.

The equipment includes front-end human body temperature screening camera and control computer.

The control computer is equipped with temperature measurement management software, which is used for temperature measurement equipment management and alarm system.
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Key Features

A Thermal Imaging based body temperature detection camera is integrated with a high resolution video for Real Time thermal imaging and temperature measurement along with Artifical Intelligence based core image analysis, etc.

Designed using Infrared non-contact body temperature detection to reduce the risk of cross infection

  • Using a highly advanced algorithm both high resolution video and and thermal imaging is displayed on a shared screen
  • A high accuracy thermal camera ensures a precise detection of body temperature detection with an accuracy of ± 0.3°C
  • Latest thermal design with built-in automatic temperature correction, eliminates temperature drift, thereby ensuring that the system remains stable and accurate
  • Latest thermal design with built-in automatic temperature correction, eliminates temperature drift, thereby ensuring that the system remains stable and accurate
  • Real-time dynamic thermal imaging,
  • Multi-target automatic measurement.
  • Long distance non-contact measurement, rapid and safe.
  • Intelligent temperature measurement using highly advanced algorithms
  • Automatic calibration
  • The system offers high-resolution infrared imaging of a large area,accurately locking on suspects with abnormal temperature.
  • The system offers the latest in Intelligent dual Imaging ie.visible imaging, thermal imaging,dual sensor algorithm,face detection,accurate location oft emperature measurments,and reducing false alarms
  • The intelligent alarm setting allows temperature threshold setting, automatic screening and early warning mechanism by highlighting any abnormal body temperature.

Technical Specifications*

Dual Camera measurement system




Visible parameter


Professional camera chip







Scan Mode

Progressive Scan




wired 10Mbps/100Mbps RJ45

Thermal imaging parameter

Detector type

Uncooled Thermal Detector

Response range


Pixel Size




Temperature Range


Temperature Accuracy


Emissivity black background temperature correction

Automatic correction according to input emissivity and background temperature

Atmospheric transmittance correction

Atmospheric transmittance is  calculatedprevelant conditions and  correction factors applied  automatically

Multi-face detection

Simultaneously detect more than 80-100 people

(can be configured for more people)

Simultaneously detect more than 20-30 people

Abnormal temperature alarm

Support alarm of over temperature of 37.3 (user defined) automatically

Working Temperature


Working Humidity



Note: Due to process of continuous improvements, specifications are subject to change without prior notice


  • Complete setup includes
  • Camera system
  • Tripod stand
  • Reference standard
  • Wires and cable
  • Computer and monitor

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